Monday, June 9, 2014

An Overview-Post 24

     So 20 time is over and TedX is done. im very glad to have had the opportunity to speak at the event. Overall i had a good experience with 20 time. Even though my project didnt have an actual goal to achieve, im happy with the end result because i connected it to something i love, volunteering. I can see the viewpoint from some people and why they might not like it, but i think they just picked the wrong project. for years to come, i think that the blog post should be adjusted. One of my biggest problems was that i ran out of things to write about every week. I think if you give the students a set number of blog posts they need to do, they can write when they actually have something to write about and get better results. I think that the in class time should not change. Even though i agree with my classmates who say they dont feel prepared for next year, i know that without the in class time i would never do my blog posts. I think more students should do 20 time. i have heard numerous kids in my grade talk about the project they would have done if they had the chance and i think that chance should be given to them. My project for example gave me a deeper look into what i really love to do and i learned multiple lessons from it. My biggest advice to students doing this next year is to pick a project you love. Make sure its something you really want to do. I know so many people who ended up hating their project and ended up faking the whole process because they just wernt into it. I really enjoyed speaking a TedX, but i probably wouldnt want it at school again. I think it was the wrong target audience and was just destined to be mostly parents in attendance which made it less special. Overall im really glad i got to try out 20 Time and my project will never end.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Finally Went Somewhere Else- Post 23

     So this past weekend I finally went and explored another part of Detroit. After brunch on Sunday my family decided they wanted to go check out Belle Isle since now it is owned by the state instead of the city. Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised. I used to spend every day on Belle Isle due to rowing at the Detroit Boat Club so I was well aware on how bad of shape it was in.  We drove around the island for about an hour and drove on streets  I never knew even existed. Overall, the island looked great! They had cleaned all the bridges,the fountain, and the ponds were cleared of all the rubble that filled them.  They had planted flowers everywhere and it just looked really good. While we where driving around we decided to go check out the aquarium that just reopened and I was surprised. They had a pretty good amount of fish in there and some of them I had never even heard of but they were super cool. Some of the tanks were being used as display showing off things you can support from other places in Detroit. Next we walked next door to the botanical gardens which were awesome. There were multiple rooms with different type of plants in each room. My favorite room was the tropical room even though it was super hot. If seemed like I was in a jungle. Even though these places are doing very well they still need donations, if you can please go visit and donate money or any supplies.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Missing Spring Break- Post 22

So over The past 2 weeks I've started working on my slides and putting the pictures in them. Pretty much my slides are going to be a few of the pictures I have taken and I'm going to talk about them briefly. The next week I was on Spring Break in Siesta Key, Florida  and honestly I wasn't really thinking about my project. I'm hoping by my next post I will be mostly done so wish me luck!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Such a Struggle- Post 21

So this past two weeks it's been a big struggle. I tried to write out my talk which failed miserably. I realized I was trying so hard to add enthusiasm and to write out my whole talk that it became super scripted. After getting super frustrated I stopped working on it, but I plan on taking a new approach this week. This week I'm going to set up my slide show and then just try talking from what shows up on the slide. I think that will be a lot easier. I don't know how I feel about talking about the economy because it's something I'm not interested in at all. If I decide use that topic after all it will only be briefly and then volunteering  will be easy for me to talk about. I hope it will work out in the end and I'll have more to talk about next week.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Closer to TED-Post 20

  So this past 2 weeks I've been really trying to work on my presentation.  Thankfully I got permission from my Youth Group leader to use the pictures taken from one of my volunteer projects that have definitely changed my life and opened my eyes to a little more of the world. Also I've been starting to write out my speech that has been jumbling up in my mind at 2 a.m. so it's been a bit of a relief.  After my whole speech is written out and I time it to make sure it reaches the 8 minute minimum I am going to put together my slides to go with my talk which is going to include a few of my pictures from the places I've been to. I need to get a little familiar with the economy since that is going to be part of my talk and definitely the hardest. Once I get to the volunteer part it should be easy since it's more relatable to me and I get to tell my own stories. I'm super excited to share my presentation and really want to be in The TED Talk so I hope it all works out!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Starting My Presentation-Post 19

So this week I've come to a turning point in my 20 time project. After I decided what I am talking about in my presentation I told Mr.Provenzano and he approved! So now I'm onto my next task; working on my actual presentation. So now I am working on my speech and writing it out in my Evernote notebook. I also have to ask permission to use pictures from one of my volunteer projects from the person that took them. I definitely think the pictures will add something to my project so I hope they agree.  After I figure out my speech I will be working on my slides for my presentation. Next post I will be giving you a better update!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Questions I Answered- post 18

This week I am supposed to answer a few questions about my protect so here we go! So far what I have liked most about 20 time is that we get to work on it during class and get to hear how our classmates are doing on there's so far. I think the thing I least like about 20 time is that we watch Ted Talks all the time now instead of working on our projects. If I could do something differently about my project I would be more good about going places and make sure to follow through and go. Not much has gone on with my project this week so I don't have anything new to report. I hope I will have more next week!